Thursday, February 12, 2015

E64: Darth Vader #1 | Divinity #1 | Witchblade #180 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

The first issue of Darth Vader begins with him paying the price for his failure of unsuccessfully preventing the Rebels from destroying the Death Star in Star Wars Episode IV: The New Hope. Vader is now under General Tagge who he choked during Episode IV. He is sent to Tatooine to negotiate with Jabba the Hut however he forces him to give him what he needs. Vader hires Boba Fett to track down the X-Wing pilot who destroyed the Death Star and is also Obi-Wan’s apprentice. 

Divinity #1 begins with Abram Adams being born in 1945 and growing up in Russia. He is chosen to travel to the edge of the galaxy. We are also introduced to David Camp who meets Abram Adams. The first issue is shrouded in mystery giving the first issue enough push to warrant finishing the rest of the series. 

Witchblade #180 ends the story that began in the Artifact series. Jackie Estacado remade his world by sacrificing his daughter and bringing her back along with his long dead girlfriend Jenny. Now Jackie has allied himself with the Ancient Ones to bring the Darkness to Earth. Now Sara Pezzini must convince or stop him permanently with the help of Aram the former Darkness. However Sara confronts her former daughter Hope only to realize that Jackie did not bring back Hope but only a new Hope out of Darkness. The ending of the issue is strong as it simplifies the events of the Artifact series confirming Jackie didn’t bring back his daughter Hope at all.