Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Star Wars Vol. 1: Skywalker Strikes [2015] by Jason Aaron | John Cassaday

The first issue of the new Star Wars series takes place following the events of Episode IV A New Hope. Han Solo arrives on an Imperial weapons factory pretending to represent Jabba the Hutt to negotiate trade agreements however it was just a ruse to destroy the main power core. Luke rescues slaves trapped within the factory as the negotiator Darth Vader arrives. Leia orders Chewbacca to take a shot at Vader and fails alerting the factory. The finale of the first issue sees Luke and Vader face off. Writer Jason Aaron wrote a great first issue kicking off the next Star Wars era of comics. 

Star Wars #2 Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader face each other for the first time as Han and Leia pilots an AT-AT Walker. Luke races a speeder as Darth Vader plans on stopping the Rebels.

Star Wars #3 sees Han and Leia piloting an AT-AT Walker, as Chewbacca takes back the Falcon, and Luke outruns Stormtroopers on his speeder. Darth Vader takes down the Walker with Han and Leia as Luke overloads the weapons factory power core. The weapons factory is destroyed as the rebels escape within the Falcon. The final page focuses on Obi-Wan Kenobi’s hut with a present for Luke inside. The first three issue of the Star Wars almost feels like a rehash with familiar vehicles and similar situations. Hopefully the series improves as we head forward. 

Star Wars #4 Darth Vader arrives on Tatoonie to negotiate with Jabba the Hut for resources after the destruction of the weapons factory on Cymoon. Meanwhile Luke travels to Tatoonie to get more answers on who he should become as Boba Fett is on his trail. 

Star Wars #5 Boba Fett wants the name of the pilot who destroyed the Death Star and finally discovers its Luke Skywalker. Han and Leia are pursued by the Empire and hides out within a nebula as someone is pursuing Solo. Luke arrives at Kenobi’s home and deals with Tusken Raiders as Boba Fett arrives to deal with him. 

Star Wars #6 Boba Fett and Luke battle it out as Artoo helps to take Fett out. Han Solo is pursued by his wife Sana while Boba Fett reveals to Darth Vader the identity of the pilot of the Death Star. We are given the reaction of Darth Vader as he finally discovers his son is alive while Han Solo had a wife and Luke discovers Ben Kenobi’s Journals. Overall it began as a slow start with the first three issues assembling as one story while the last three issues built to the next one. The story could have easily been told within four issues building up a powerful foundation for Marvel taking over the Star Wars franchise.