Thursday, February 19, 2015

E67: Batman Eternal #46 | Batman/Superman #19 | Justice League #39 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Batman Eternal #46 Batman tracks down Ra’s Al Ghul who has plans to show him the future including generations of Batman ahead of him including the Kingdom Come Batman, Batman Beyond, and Damian as Batman. He asks the question is Batman Eternal? The dream sequence was orchestrated by Dr. Darrk and Lord Death Man. Batman finally confronts and discovers Ra’s Al Ghul who was not behind the events of Gotham City as the worst events are soon to arrive as the series approaches its conclusion. 

Batman/Superman #19 begins with Batman, Supergirl, and Superman shrinking themselves to infiltrate the bottled city of Kandor. They are looking for Tali who is Kara’s childhood friend however she is gone. They find a recording which has been altered giving a false history of Krypton including having Jor-El and his son Kal-El as villains and imprisioning them in a bottled city. Both Superman and Batman save the imprisoned Kandorians however now they need to face Xa-Du who is using Superman’s family against him.

Justice League #39 begins with Superman, Wonder Woman, and Lex Luthor defending themselves against the infected league. Both Superman and Captain Cold freeze Patient Zero and a vaccine is made and distributed worldwide. Patient Zero is captured and it is revealed he is Amazo. The entire arc was an origin story for a well-known villain and writer Geoff Johns pulls it off beautifully.