Thursday, February 19, 2015

E66: All-New Captain America #4 | Wolverines #7 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Captain America #4 begins with Sam Wilson attempting to stop Hydra from sterilizing the majority of Earth’s population for their own endeavors. Captain America faces Armadillo and convinces him to join his side in exchange for curing him. Now Sam takes on Baron Zemo as well as stop Lucas from unleashing a cloud of fleas over Florida. However Zemo gains the upper hand as Lucas unleashes the fleas to sterilize Florida. This is a much better issue than the last one as it brings drama to the action.

Wolverines #7 opens with Mystique using Shogun as a diversion to steal something from the National Museum in TaipeiShe steals a sword and traps Shogun between a rock and a hard place. She asks Shogun to give her the erase word so no control words will work on her. He gives her the erase word. Mystique is attempting to bring her friend Destiny back.