Thursday, February 26, 2015

E70: Deathstroke #5 | He-Man: Eternity War #3 | Suiciders #1 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Deathstroke #5 shows Deathstroke battling Batman for the first half of the book before getting away with Harley Quinn. Elsewhere in Gotham both Rose and Jericho meet Possum who uses a app to shut him down as Odysseus arrives with Lady Shiva and Bronze Tiger. Next issue is the finale to the first story arc by Tony Daniel and hopefully will give closure to the story before going to the next arc in June.

The third issue of He-Man: Eternity War refocuses on the Eyes of Grayskull. She-Ra attempts to locate the Eye of Chronos using her sword but first she takes on Horak’s forces. She locates the Eye of Chronos however faces both Catra and Scorpia. After defeating them both She-Ra now faces Hordak. The series is arranged as the events of issue two and three are happening at the same time leading them to come together within the fifth and sixth issues. The series so far is quite enjoyable and worth picking up. 

Suiciders #1 is a story of Los Angeles after suffering the largest earthquake in history thirty years later. Now the entertainment industry is in charge running gladiator games. A wall is raised around the city keeping undesirables out. Those who sneak in get shot and killed. The first issue kicks off strong by Lee Bermejo and I am looking forward to the next issue.