Thursday, March 5, 2015

E77: Guardians of the Galaxy Team-Up #1 | Princess Leia #1 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

The Guardians Team-Up begins as the Guardians arrive on Earth with an unknown alien force following them. They crash land upside down on a strip mall as the Avengers arrive and introduce themselves. Hawkeye takes down their ship and a ground battle ensues as the aliens reveal themselves as the Chitauri. They use a weapon to take down both the Guardians and the Avengers as the leader reveals herself as Nebula. Writer Brian Michael Bendis directed the issue towards the fans of the Guardians and Avengers movies by integrating the villains of both movies into the first issue. 

The first issue of Princess Leia takes place at the end of Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope. Now the Empire knows the location of their secret base so the Rebels plan to evacuate. Leia also discovers the Empire put a bounty on her head. She meets an X-Wing pilot named Evann who reveals she was mentored by Leia’s mother on Alderaan. Leia decides to team up with Evann to find the last remaining survivors of Alderaan and protect them from the Empire. But first they have to out run both Luke and Wedge as they are piloting their X-Wings. Evann manages to use the hyperdrive as they head towards Naboo. Mark Waid is writing the in canon story of Star Wars and it is a well thought out story worthy of the Star Wars mythos.