Friday, April 10, 2015

TV Review: Netflix Daredevil Season 1 [2015]

01 – Karen Page is framed for murder and a boy is kidnapped to draw out Daredevil
02 – Daredevil meets the Night Nurse and tracks and rescues the kidnapped boy
03 – Matt Murdock defends a killer who was employed by the Kingpin   
04 – The Night Nurse is kidnapped by Russians and Daredevil rescues her
05 – Kingpin frames Daredevil for the death of a Vladimir’s brother as he targets them 
06 – The police are after Daredevil who has Vladimir while Kingpin makes him an offer
07 – Stick shows up in Hell’s Kitchen and teams up with Matt against the Yakuza
08 – The origin of Wilson Fisk is revealed as Daredevil and Ben Urich begin to expose him
09 – Wilson Fisk goes public as he meets Matt Murdock and Daredevil for the first time
10 – Matt reveals his abilities to his partner Foggy Nelson as Karen and Urich find Fisk’s mother
11 – Daredevil takes on the Gladiator who makes his an armored suit and Karen is kidnapped
12 – Daredevil takes on the Chinese operations to get to Fisk who meets Ben Urich
13 – Fisk takes out the loose ends in his organization as Daredevil gets a new costume