Thursday, April 16, 2015

E92: Convergence #2 | Convergence: Green Lantern/Parallax #1 | Suicide Squad #1 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Convergence #2 begins as the heroes of Earth 2 free themselves and fight back against Telos. Green Lantern Alan Scott discovers Telos is afraid of something beneath the planet. Meanwhile Thomas Wayne and Richard Grayson head towards another Gotham where they meet Bruce Wayne. The Bat symbol on Bruce Wayne changes form panel-to-panel which makes it annoying as it shows the artists rushed through this weekly series. The finale sees the heroes meet Deimos who claims he can get them off the planet. 

Convergence: Green Lantern/Parallax #1 begins as former Green Lantern Kyle Rayner visits Hal Jordan in jail. We are reminded of the nineties events that led Hal to become Parallax which took place during the Reign of Supermen. Telos from Convergence drops the dome and the powers return to both Kyle and Hal. However the army of Electropolis attacks Kyle and Hal decides to destroy their citizens for revenge. This tie-in is great issue giving us back the memories of Hal as Parallax and the newly minted Green Lantern Kyle Rayner. 

Convergence: Suicide Squad #1 begins as General Sam Lane asks Amanda Waller to reunite the Suicide Squad and take out the Kingdom Come heroes beginning with Green Lantern Alan Scott. Amanda Waller unites the deadliest villains including Bane, Black Manta, Deathstroke, and the Cyborg Superman. Meanwhile Barbara Gordon reaches out to Kingdom Come’s Lex Luthor to turn on the heroes of his own world and watch it burn. This is a surprise issue I never thought I would read until I saw the villains on the cover.