Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars [2015] Cullen Bunn | Matteo Lolli | Jacopo Camagni

Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #1 begins with the 1984 series as Deadpool is inserted into the events of the story. The heroes and villains battle it out as we flash forward towards the end where Doom destroys the heroes in issue eleven of the original Secret Wars. Wade Wilson heals with a new skin and mustache. The memories of reliving the first Secret Wars will bring me back to this series. The second issue focuses on the events of issues three and four of the original Secret Wars where Spider-Man takes on the X-Men and a mountain crashes on our heroes. With this version we see Spider-Man take on Deadpool who finds the shields which were only available with the action figures. Deadpool also saves our heroes under the mountain by continuously making the Hulk angry. The Deadpool shield forecasts a loss for one of Deadpool’s allies on Battleworld. 

The third issue covers the original Secret Wars event between issues five and eleven. It covers the heroe’s battle with Galactus, Deadpool messing around with the Spider-Man’s black costume which eventually becomes Venom, and Doctor Doom absorbing the powers of the Beyonder. We also get a glimpse of how the heroes are coming back alive as Deadpool sacrifices himself for the sake of the Marvel heroes. Writer Cullen Bunn researched the original Secret Wars series and how Deadpool would have been incorporated with terrific results. Definite writer worth watching! 

The finale sees Deadpool temporary gaining the powers of the Beyonder and saving our heroes including his love. Overall the story is fun for fans of the original 1984 series.