Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Walking Dead Volume 24: Life and Death [2015] Robert Kirkman | Charlie Adlard

Maggie builds a case against Gregory who attempted to poison her as Carl is taken back to the Whisper’s camp. Someone failed to lock Negan’s cell door and he waits to Rick to come back. After failing to convince Rick to trust him, Negan is locked up again in his cell and reminds Rick that he is only alive so Rick can have his humanity. Meanwhile Maggie hangs Gregory for his crimes. 

Maggie and Jesus tells Rick about the Whispers and his missing son Carl. Rick decides to find his son with the help of Michonne as the leader of the Whispers Alpha sneak into the fair in Alexandria. Rick encounters the Whispers and their leader Alpha who reveals to him the true threat of the Whispers involving an army of Walkers. Alpha offers her daughter Lydia to Rick and Carl after she marked her borders with residents from the Alexandria fair. After issue 100, the final issue of this arc is amazing.