Thursday, March 12, 2015

E79: Ant-Man #3 | Fantastic Four #644 | Wolverines #10 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Ant-Man #3 sees Scott Lang targeted by Taskmaster as a diversion so his daughter Cassie could be kidnapped by Augustine Cross the son of Darren Cross who plans on resurrecting his father.

Fantastic Four #644 sees the Fantastic Four united as they defend against the monsters from Franklin Richard’s dreamscape and the Heroes Reborn Avengers. Reed Richards takes on the Quiet Man while Susan with the help of Sleepwalker enter Franklin’s dreamscape only to discover Psycho Man behind the chaos. 

Wolverines #10 begins with Fang taking Sabretooth away from the rest of the Wolverines on an adventure 68 light years outside the galaxy. Fang has plans to storm the flagship of a pirate fleet leading to Sabretooth slaughtering them for their crimes. Fang returns home with Sabretooth and takes X-23 Laura on his next adventure as Mystique has a plan to stop Fang. Overall the Wolverines weekly series is not perfect but it’s a fun read giving us a perspective of how Wolverine affected their lives and others.