Thursday, March 12, 2015

E80: Amazing Spider-Man #16 | Superior Iron Man #6 | Thor #6 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Amazing Spider-Man #16 begins as Peter Parker believes he can run a company after leading an army in Spider-Verse. As Alchemax and Parker Industries compete to build a super prison, Tiberius Stone and Mark Raxton the Molten Man hires Ghost to put Parker Industries out of business. The series ends with issue #18 as Secret Wars begins and Dan Slott brings Peter and Mary Jane together one final time in Renew Your Vows.

Superior Iron Man #6 begins the second arc as Tony faces Pepper and her secret weapon against him. After taking control of Resilent, Pepper sends a retro vision of the Iron Man armor against Tony.

Thor #6 begins the second arc as Thor attempts to track down the identity of the new Thor. First he visits Jane Foster who is healing from cancer in Asgardia and then SHIELD to track down Rosalind Solomon who is currently at Roxxon at the same time as the new Thor. Meanwhile Odin sends in the Destroyer against the new Thor.