Thursday, March 19, 2015

E82: Witchblade #181 | Chrononauts #1 | Red One #1 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Witchblade #181 sees both the Darkness and the Witchblade battle it out. Jackie tells Sara this is his world and his rules and he will release the Ancient Ones so the Darkness can suppress the light. Aram the previous wielder of the Darkness arrives with a magic sword from the first world and scroll to contain the Darkness. Sara severs Jackie’s head and using the words from the scroll the Darkness vanishes. Aram promises to take care of Jenny and Hope however he also plans to destroy the Witchblade when the time is right.

Chrononauts #1 Doctors Corbin Quinn and Danny Reilly develop a means of time travel for Nasa’s Temporal-Observational Program. Quinn travels into the portal but gets off course due to a glitch and lands in 1504 so Reilly goes after him. Reilly gets shot by invaders as the issue ends. The comic series is going to be developed into a movie by Universal. Overall the issue is light on plot but the Sean Murphy artwork is worth the price of the issue.

Red One #1 begins as Soviet spy Vera heads to the United States undercover to stop Pastor Jacky Core from winning an election by creating a super hero to rival the current one the Carpenter. The art and story are fantastic however the plot is a little slow. Sometimes we get over 10 panels on a single page which is very rare these days. A great first issue for a low price.