Thursday, April 2, 2015

E88: Batman Eternal #52 | Batman Superman Annual #2 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

The final issue of Batman Eternal hits the stands as both Bruce Wayne and Lincoln March face off over Gotham City. James Gordon unites the people of Gotham to help Batman as his family arrives against Owlman. Lincoln March escapes only to be captured later by the Court of Owls. James Gordon no longer Commissioner as Maggie Sawyer becomes the new one. Batman Eternal seems to be a send-off to Scott Synder’s Owlman while Batman Endgame closes the door on his version of the Joker. Overall it was an above average series with a great kick-off and ending. 

Batman/Superman Annual #2 follows up on the Phantom King arc as well as the Men of Tomorrow story by Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr. Superman has a new costume and a new power the solar flare which he uses to stop the Doomsday virus from spreading. Now he has to survive 24 hours without any powers. The Phantom King puts his own plan into action by targeting Kent through Killer Croc, Bane, and Cheshire. Batman arrives to help Kent leading to their defeat. Batman leaves believing Kent can take care of himself however he is later stabbed by one of the people he helped out and lays bleeding to death. Readers will have to wait for June to discover what follows next. Writer Greg Pak gave us a clue there was another assailant targeting Kent in the beginning of the book. Pak took advantage of the comic book storytelling and gave us a wonderful surprise at the end before the books go on hiatus following the Convergence event.