Thursday, April 2, 2015

E89: Earth 2 World's End #26 | New 52 Futures End #48 | Convergence #0 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

The finale of Earth 2 World’s End #26 leaves the heroes defeated against Darkseid. As Earth 2 falls the surviving heroes are taken by Brainiac leading to Convergence #1. Little closure is given as the story picks up in June when DC Comics launches Earth 2: Society picking up where the heroes left off following World’s End and Convergence.

The final issue of New 52 Futures End #48 sees Tim Drake as the new Batman Beyond only to find out that Brother Eye still rules Earth 0 in the future while Terry McGinnis is still the Batman Beyond of Earth 12 hence the title Futures End depicting multiple futures. Again little closure is given as Brainiac was defeated a few issues ago leading to the events of Convergence and a new Batman Beyond series starring Tim Drake picks up in June.

Convergence #0 begins with Superman meeting multiple Brainiacs who reveal the Master has not returned from Earth 0. Unknown to them the Master Brainiac was defeated in Futures End. We learn Brainiac has been defeated by Superman throughout the multiverse however dies by other means. The events of Superman: Doomed where Superman was infected by the Doomsday virus was orchestrated by Brainiac after witnessing the Death of Superman in another universe.

The cities of dead worlds are here from throughout the Multiverse. Now Telos releases the domes that separate each world so the characters will fight to survive. The surviving heroes of Earth 2 after World’s End will arrive in the first issue of Convergence. Overall this is a great issue if you have been following the events of Superman: Doomed, Earth 2 World’s End and New 52 Futures End.