Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Review: Valiant Book of Death [2015] Robert Venditti | Doug Braithwaite

The Book of Death is the sequel to The Valiant, where the Immortal Enemy killed the modern day Geomancer while the future Eternal Warrior sends one back through time. Now the Eternal Warrior is protecting Tama who is a Geomancer from the future. She has a book which foretells the destiny of the Valiant characters. David is the current Geomancer who is corrupted by Master Darque. 

Both the Eternal Warrior and Tama are overwhelmed when insects assault them however the Unity team arrives to save them however they were sent to retrieve Tama. The Unity Squad believes Tama is responsible for the disasters killing thousands and the Eternal Warrior tells them that they are being hunted and they are causing the disasters. However the Eternal Warrior successfully defends himself against the members of the Unity Squad and escapes while Master Darque pursues him with his own Geomancer. 

Tama finally defeats Master Darque and the Eternal Warrior is killed. This series would have been better as a weekly series rather than a monthly story told a piece at a time. Overall the series was a set up for Wrath of the Eternal Warrior as he is in Hell and finding his way back to the land of the living.