Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Review: Book of Death: Legends of the Geomancer [2015] Fred Van Lente

The story features the first Geomancer Anni and Padda who head to find a tree with a special fruit. Anni consumes the fruit and is consumed by the Earth as a giant approaches Padda. The Earth is awakening the giants because she is scared however the Geomancer Anni destroys them. Padda leaves believing Anni is a witch after she destroyed the giants and pregnant through the Earth. The descendants of the Padda clan gives rise to Armstrong, Gilad, and Ivar. 

The finale of the Legends of the Geomancer sees Padda return after decades. While the Geomancer spoke to the one of the halves of the two minds of Earth, the other mind spoke to Padda and we witness the early beginnings of what will fuel Master Darque.

There is very little story within these issues. For a book titled Legends, I expected more stories, timelines of events, and characters leading up to and to the future of the Valiant Universe. These issues were only available in limited quantities through the retailers however the premium pricing does not justify the stories within. The Legends of the Geomancer gave us the both the protector of Earth (Geomancer) and the destroyer (Master Darque) in a never ending cycle.