Thursday, April 30, 2015

E94: Batman #40 | Justice League #40 | The Multiversity #2 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Batman #40 begins with Batman teaming up with his family and villains to stop the Joker who gains the upper end. However when the Joker unmasks Batman he finds out its Richard Grayson while the real Batman is attempting to find the cure to the Joker’s toxin beneath Gotham. The Joker has rigged the cave to collapse as Batman finds the chemical that healed the Joker’s face and body from the events of Death of the Family. After a fierce battle between both of them, Batman manages to get a sample of the toxin to Julia Pennyworth as the Joker collapses the cave with both of them inside. The issue ends with both Batman and the Joker dead setting up a new status quo next issue with a new Batman following Convergence.

Justice League #40 is the prologue of the Darkseid War as Metron begins the story of how he brokered peace between Apokolips and New Genesis by exchanging the sons of Darkseid and Highfather. Orion from Apokolips and Scot Free of New Genesis were exchanged and war between the worlds was prevented. However the Crisis of Infinite Earths began threatening reality, Zero Hour threatened time, Infinite Crisis threatened the Multiverse, and Flashpoint threatened both reality and time.

During Forever Evil the Crime Syndicate’s world of Earth-3 was destroyed by the Anti-Monitor who plans to follow them to New Earth. Metron knows the Anti-Monitor as Mobius who was once the observer like Metron rather than the destroyer he is now. The Anti-Monitor’s actions lead to the Multiverse vulnerable to the events of Convergence. Metron wants to help Mobius become the Monitor again however it was begin with the death of Darkseid with the help of his daughter. 

The Multiversity #2 is the conclusion to Grant Morrison’s epic following Final Crisis. Heroes from throughout the Multiverse are brought together to face a crisis. They are preparing for a full-scale invasion from a higher order reality by building a volunteer army of 50 worlds. Operation Justice Incarnate is formed. Morrison provides the possibility of future stories to come in the DC Universe.