Thursday, April 30, 2015

E95: Avengers #44 | New Avengers #33 | Fantastic Four #645 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Avengers #44 prepares the final two Marvel universes (616 and 1610) to face the final Incursion in Secret Wars. In the Marvel 616 Universe the heroes are preparing who should be saved during the upcoming Incursion on the lifeboat. Steve Rogers makes it clear he does not want Tony Stark on it and decides to settle the matter face-to-face with four minutes left before the Incursion. The two battle it out as a SHIELD Helicarrier crashes onto of them as world burns. The issue comes full circle from the first issue of Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers where the two friends of Steve and Tony become their worst enemies. A heartbreaking issue as the two heroes battle it out with one another in their final moments.

New Avengers #33 sees the Molecule Man educated Doctor Doom by comparing how he is the same within the multiverse. He kills an early version of himself in one universe thereby creating a bomb that will go off in 25 years. He sends Doom into the Multiverse to kill other Molecule Men thereby causing the Incursions and the contraction of the Multiverse. Doom did this to stop the Beyonders from doing the same thing and to allow something to survive. However Doom underestimated the Beyonders as they destroyed most of the Multiverse leaving only two dozen left. The issue shows how Doom wanted to control his destiny however ended up destroying it on the eve of Secret Wars

The finale of Fourever begins as Quiet Man loses control as the Psycho Man is controlling the chaos. Susan, Namor, and Sleepwalker fight within the dreamscape as Franklin attempts to shut down it down. The Frightful Four joins the Thing and takes on the Heroes Reborn Avengers. Reed Richards and his daughter have found out a way to shut down the portals however Susan and Franklin need to return from the dreamscape. They finally escape as the portals and the Heroes Reborn Avengers are shut down while the Psycho Man is trapped in the dreamscape. This is the final issue of the Fantastic Four however with the upcoming movie it seems like Marvel may want to launch a new first issue. Only time will tell after Secret Wars but bringing the series back after another send-off seems pointless after building up the hype this is truly the final issue of the Fantastic Four.