Thursday, May 7, 2015

E97: Batman: Earth One Vol. 2 | Secret Wars #1 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

The second volume of Batman: Earth One by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank focuses on the Riddler. Following the death of the Penguin, his empire is taken over by five city officials and Mayor Jessica Dent and his brother D.A. Harvey Dent ask Bruce Wayne for help. Batman and James Gordon track down the Riddler who has been killing people who not answering his riddles correctly. Batman tracks down the Riddler into the sewers where he runs and fights with Killer Croc. They eventually reach an understanding and Killer Croc helps Batman lead him into Riddler’s hideout.

The Riddler challenges Batman to answer a riddle or he will blow up a subway train. Batman answers the riddle correctly however the Riddler still blows up the train. Batman and Gordon realize that the mass killings by the Riddler is to mask his true intentions of murdering the five people who took over the Penguin’s empire. They find the company linked to the Riddler, Answers, Inc., which is owned by Bruce Wayne. Harvey Dent issues a warrant that Gordon carries out and both Bruce and Alfred are arrested.

The Riddler takes over the police station and releases the prisons as Alfred fights for his life and Bruce changes into Batman. The Riddler offers another riddle to answer correctly otherwise he will destroy the station. The prisoners kill Harvey and Jessica becomes the new Two-Face. Batman finds the bombs in a van and uses it to chase the Riddler down. As the Riddler is ready to detonate the bombs, Killer Croc arrives to aid Batman however is shot by the Riddler as Batman takes him down.

Much like volume 3 of Superman: Year One, where we will have a female version of Lex Luthor, the next volume of Batman: Year One will include Jessica Dent as Two-Face and Selina Kyle who debuted within this volume in a sneaky way without knowing her identity until the very last page. Overall volume 2 was much better than volume 1 however it still falls short from being a great story. 

Secret Wars #1 follows the endings of Avengers #44, New Avengers #33, and Secret Wars #0. The Ultimate Universe of 1610 decides to invade and destroy the Marvel Universe 616 in a last attempt to save their worlds. The Marvel Universe decides to build life rafts to save the best people to restart humanity. The Guardians of the Galaxy arrive to help protect Earth as well as Cyclop’s Sentinels. The Hulk, She-Hulk, and Colossus travel to Earth-1610 where they topple their headquarters. However the invasion by the Ultimate Universe was only a diversion set up by the Cabal and the Ultimate Reed Richards to set up a second invasion using superior weapons. Cyclops opens the Phoenix Egg to release its powers to become the Phoenix as some of our heroes are rescued on the life raft. The Incursion occurs and both the Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe collide leaving nothing.