Thursday, May 7, 2015

TV Review: The Big Bang Theory Season 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 [2007-2015]

The series premiered on September 24, 2007 on CBS about Caltech geniuses including an applied and theoretical physicist living next to an attractive blonde waitress/aspiring actress. Situations are further complicated when their other friends including an aerospace engineer and a particle astrophysicist enter their lives.

Johnny Galecki
Jim Parsons
Kaley Cuoco
Simon Helberg
Kunal Nayyar

Steve Wozniak Co-founder of Apple Computer
Neil DeGrasse Tyson American Astrophysicist
Eliza Dushku (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Wil Wheaton (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
LeVar Burton (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
Howie Mandel
Astronaut Buzz Aldrin
Bob Newhart

01 – Howard uses a robotic arm for his own personal pleasure
02 – Sheldon lives his life through a robotic substitute
03 – Sheldon breaks up with Amy and replaces her with cats
04 – Howard gets back with Bernadette and Sheldon and Raj go to war
05 – Leonard goes on a date and Sheldon hides from his “girlfriend”
06 - Raj's sister has a one-day layover and Leonard rekindles their past fling
07 - Howard's security doesn't go well as Sheldon reveals the Mars Rover incident
08 - Amy joins a slumber party while the gang waits on line for Raiders of the Lost Ark
09 - Penny lies to her father about still being together with Leonard
10 - Amy has a crush on Penny's ex-boyfriend
11 - The gang dresses as the Justice League for a New Year's Eve costume party
12 – Sheldon tries to take over Leonard’s creation for a smartphone application
13 – Bernadette runs into her ex-boyfriend and Howard is jealous
14 – Sheldon takes acting lessons from Penny and Raj has a crush on Bernadette
15 – Leonard solicits himself to attract research funding for the university
16 – Raj’s sister returns hooking up with Leonard while Howard leaves his mother
17 – Sheldon is upset the gang is hanging out Raj’s and he starts his own social group
18 – Howard baffles Sheldon with a card trick as Priya disapproves Leonard’s friendship with Penny
19 – Sheldon has his World of Warcraft account hacked and the group tracks down the culprit
20 – Sheldon and Amy decide to start a rumor as a social test as Howard proposes to Bernadette
21 – Priya reviews the Roommate Agreement and an angry Sheldon joins the girls on a night out
22 – Amy convinces Bernadette to hide a recording device for her dinner with Leonard and Priya
23 – Howard tells her mother he is marrying Bernadette shocking her into the emergency room
24 – Season Finale: Raj hooks up with Penny while Priya plans on moving back to India

01 – Raj tells the truth about what happened with Penny last night
02 – Penny gets a comfortable chair from the garbage
03 – Amy believes Leonard is attracted to her
04 – Raj dates a hearing impaired girl and spends lavishly on her
05 – Leonard plans to attend Will Wheaton’s party         
06 – Sheldon’s mother comes for a visit however she is not the mother he wants her to be
07 – Leonard dates a comic book artist while Sheldon scares the gang on Halloween
08 – Amy becomes heartbroken when Bernadette and Penny go dress shopping
09 – Sheldon tries to cure his phobia of birds while Leonard and Penny date
10 – Amy goes on a date with Stuart and Sheldon proposes a relationship with her
11 – Leonard deals with his former high school bully as Penny realizes she was a bully
12 – Bernadette discovers she is not good with children and Sheldon is in trouble with Amy
13 – Leonard asks Penny out for a date after thinking about it intensely
14 – Leonard and Penny go on their date while Raj has a relationship with Siri
15 – Leonard cancels the roommate agreement and Sheldon deals with the consequences
16 – Bernadette needs to ask Howard for a prenup and Sheldon is asked to take a vacation
17 – Amy gives Penny a painting of themselves and Sheldon fights over an office
18 – Howard goes for NASA training and Sheldon goes crazy after not getting a haircut
19 – Sheldon chooses between playing Star Wars or going to Amy’s aunt’s 93rd birthday
20 – Penny buys Leonard and Sheldon a mint in box Star Trek transporter
21 – Howard persuades Leonard to meet Stephen Hawkings      
22 – A video from Howard’s bachelor party hitting the Internet upsets Bernadette
23 – Amy influences Sheldon to fall in love with her and Leonard proposes to Penny
24 – Season Finale: Howard and Bernadette get married before he goes to space

01 – Amy celebrates her first anniversary with Sheldon but brings Raj along
02 – Sheldon learns that Penny may break up with Leonard
03 – Sheldon gets a new assistant and she is making Penny jealous
04 – Howard returns from space while the gang plays Pictionary and Sheldon loses
05 – Penny takes an interest into Leonard’s work as the gang prepares a Halloween party
06 – Sheldon throws a game for Stephen Hawkings and Penny goes back to finish college
07 – Amy is angry at Sheldon for siding with Wil Wheaton and Harold moves out
08 – Raj and Harold discover the missing 20 minutes Sheldon spends unaccounted for
09 – Harold gets a new car and is assigned Sheldon’s parking spot
10 – Sheldon takes care of Amy while Harold deals with having dinner with his in-laws
11 – The guys play Dungeons & Dragons while the girls have a night out with Raj
12 – Sheldon’s assistant Alex hits on Leonard as sexual harassment suits follow
13 – The guys go to a comic convention while the girls attempt to read comic books
14 – Harold and Raj purchase a 3-D printer to make their self action figures
15 – Leonard moves in with Penny while Amy moves in with Sheldon
16 – Valentine’s Day hits the gang and Raj gets a date
17 – Penny helps Sheldon with his flag videos and Raj reconnects to his date
18 – The girls go to Disneyland while the guys encourage science to middle school girls
19 – Sheldon finds a letter from Howard’s father while Howard is hesitant to find out
20 – Leonard, Sheldon, and Raj fight for tenure which opened at the university
21 – Amy helps Sheldon get over a cancelled TV Show Alphas and his need for closure
22 – Sheldon meets his childhood TV star Professor Proton (Bob Newhart)
23 – The girls and guys play Dungeons & Dragons and Raj goes out with Lucy 
24 – Season Finale: Raj finally speaks to women without alcohol

01 – Sheldon and Penny get closer as friends while Leonard is away
02 – Leonard returns and hides from Sheldon to spend personal time with Penny
03 – Raj hosts a scavenger hunt with different significant others
04 – Amy discovers a story problem with Raiders of the Lost Ark
05 – Amy is working where Sheldon works and Bernadette kicks Howard out
06 – Sheldon makes a scientific discovery by accident and Howard celebrates Bernadette’s Anniversary
07 – Professor Proton asks Leonard not Sheldon to read over his paper
08 – Sheldon teaches Leonard a lesson and Raj meets his ex-girlfriend
09 – The gang prepares for Thanksgiving dinner and finds out she is married
10 – Leonard disproves Sheldon’s scientific discovery
11 – The gang realizes life without Sheldon and his importance
12 – Penny gets cut from a TV show while Sheldon tries to be funny
13 – Penny quits her job to focus on her acting career and Sheldon goes on vacation
14 – Sheldon spends the day with James Earl Jones who invites him and his friends to Comic Con
15 – Amy takes Sheldon on a train for Valentine’s Day and shares their first kiss
16 – The gang wants a dining room table while Sheldon opposes
17 – Howard and Sheldon decide to end their warfare against each other
18 – Raj plays Murder Mystery Dinner and Sheldon sees his mother having sex
19 – Penny and Wil Wheaton end up participating in the same movie
20 – Howard meets Raj’s girlfriend who was once his blind date
21 – The group thinks both Sheldon and Penny complain too much
22 – Sheldon deals with Professor Proton passing away
23 – Raj finds out why his girlfriend likes horror stories
24 – Season Finale: Sheldon leaves his friends to be more independent

01 – Sheldon returns after 45 days and Penny gets a job in pharmaceutical sales
02 – Sheldon becomes a professor and Howard becomes his student
03 – Howard gets to throw the first ball at a baseball game
04 – Raj’s girlfriend has issues with Penny and the gang decides to buy a comic book store
05 – The girls go to Las Vegas and the boys go on a science retreat to focus and brainstorm ideas
06 – Leonard and Penny work out their differences as one is more successful than the other
07 – Penny flirts with doctors while making sales leading to a doctor arriving outside of her apartment
08 – The gang creates a prom and Sheldon says ‘I Love You’ to Amy
09 – Leonard needs surgery and Sheldon is worried and Raj’s parents get a divorce
10 – Sheldon ends Fun with Flags only to restart it again at the end of the episode
11 – Raj, Leonard, and Howard attempt to get a pigeon out of the clean room
12 – Sheldon and Leonard decide to allow the girls do what they want leading to shopping
13 – Sheldon is self-inflicting anxiety on himself to inspire his theory of Dark Matter
14 – Leonard and Sheldon publish a paper which gets critique by Stephen Hawkings
15 – Howard loses his mom as both Sheldon and Amy conduct intelligence tests on Penny and Leonard
16 – Penny and Sheldon test the theory of falling in love on Sheldon’s birthday
17 – Sheldon and Amy attempt to get a pet turtle as he applies to go to the Planet Mars
18 - The gang eats the last meal by Mrs. Wolowitz while Leonard and Sheldon write a paper
19 - Leonard and Sheldon go to the Skywalker Ranch as Bernadette gets rid of Howard's TARDIS
20 - Sheldon and Amy build a blanket fort and Howard meets his half-brother
21 - Raj submits his NASA proposal and Penny decides to audition for a movie again
22 - Leonard gives a Commencement speech over Skype and Howard fixes Raj's helicopter
23 - Leonard and Sheldon's mothers finally meet and Howard does his share of the housework
24 - Penny and Leonard are getting married in Vegas while Sheldon and Amy separate as he prepares to propose