Thursday, May 21, 2015

E98: A-Force #1 | Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars #1 | Ultimate End #1 [Devil Comics Entertainment]

A-Force #1 starts on Battleworld during the events of Secret Wars inside the Hall of Justice where She-Hulk commands an army of female Marvel heroes. A prehistoric creature attacks the city and Ms. America throws it outside the borders which are forbidden by Doom. She is sentence to the prison of SHIELD as She-Hulk summons the Sub-mariners to discover why the creature attacked their domain. The issue is short on story and very little development on plot as a new character is introduced on the final page which doesn’t warrant any further reading of this series with wonderful art which is wasted on poor story structure. 

Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #1 begins with the 1984 series as Deadpool is inserted into the events of the story. The heroes and villains battle it out as we flash forward towards the end where Doom destroys the heroes in issue eleven of the original Secret Wars. Wade Wilson heals with a new skin and mustache. The memories of reliving the first Secret Wars will bring me back to this series.

In the first issue of the Ultimate End, Doom constructed Battleworld in Secret Wars however cannot listen to the silent chambers of the Manhattan where the heroes of both the Marvel and Ultimate Universe decide however to return things to normal. However the Thors who act as Doom’s Stormtroopers arrive in Manhattan.