Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Flash Season 2: Henry Hewitt [Tokamak] and Jefferson Jackson [Firestorm]

The season finale of the Flash season one ended with several Easter eggs and name drops. Thawne is aware of Rip Hunter and Jay Garrick so there is a possibility of Earth 2 and Booster Gold existing in this version of the DC Universe. Barry Allen travels back to time to save his mother however his future self who is fighting the Reverse Flash stops him. Barry travels back to his future to stop Thawne from returning to his time as well as the singularity that was created due to the time travel. Thawne gains the upper hand over Barry and Eddie Thawne makes the ultimate sacrifice and shoots himself in the chest. Thawne is erased and Barry heads into the singularity to stop it from consuming the city. 

The season begins six months after the events of season one revealing Ronnie Raymond disappeared into the Singularity and Barry is on his own. On Flash Day, Barry deals with the Atom Smasher and Barry discovers Harrison Wells left Star Labs to him in his Will along with a personal message. The message includes Wells confessing to the murder of Nora Allen which sets Barry’s father free. 

Barry meets Jay Garrick the Flash of Earth 2 who battles Zoom. Garrick explains the Singularity created a bridge between worlds and Zoom brought villains like the Atom Smasher to Earth to battle the Flash. Garrick helps Barry capture the Sand Demon and rescue Patty Spivot as Cisco discovers his powers. As the Flash teams up with Captain Cold to save his sister the Golden Glider from their father who put a bomb in her head, Star Labs creates a portal to Earth 2 and Harrison Wells arrives on Earth 1.

The Fury of Firestorm begins as Barry Allen and Star Labs search for a new counterpart for Professor Stein to stabilize the Firestorm Matrix. They narrow it down to two individuals: Henry Hewitt and Jefferson Jackson. They make the first attempt with Henry Hewitt however the merger fails. They make a second attempt with Jefferson Jackson however he refuses so they try again with Henry Hewitt however he is already experiencing metahuman powers.

Now Hewitt blames Star Labs for his current condition and attempts to recharge his powers at a high school football field. Jefferson Jackson agrees to merge with Professor Stein to become the new Firestorm. Now both the Flash and Firestorm take on Hewitt who is getting stronger as he gets angrier like a tokamak. Realizing he gets more unstable as he gets angrier, Flash and Firestorm bait him and take him out. Henry Hewitt is a Firestorm villain called Tokamak in the DC Universe. He wears a containment suit and creates a series of clones to transfer his consciousness.

We also get other stories including Iris discovering she has a brother after investigating her mother who returned after twenty years. Her brother is Wally West who later becomes Kid Flash. In the comics Wally West is the nephew of Iris however in the current show he is her brother which makes more sense in terms of age. Harrison Wells returns and breaks into Mercury Labs and steals a gun which he later uses to save Barry from King Shark who was sent by Zoom to kill the Flash. Overall this is one of the best episodes of the Flash with so much packed in within the final few moments to keep the viewers guessing and wanting for the next episode.