Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD [2015] Season 3 Episode 5: 4,722 hours

SHIELD deals with the Inhumans outbreak as Fitz searches for Simmons who may be on another planet. They open a portal through space and time to get Simmons back while Grant Ward rebuilds Hydra including recruiting Werner Von Strucker.

Lance Hunter targets Grant Ward with May however her husband Andrew is caught in the crossfire and dies at the hands of Strucker. Simmons wants to return to the planet she escaped from as Lash from the Inhumans targets other Inhumans. 

4,722 begins at the final moments of season two where Jemma is taken by the monolith to another planet. She marks her location incase people attempt to find her and survives a sandstorm which erases her markings. Jemma finds water to drink and swims until she is attacked by an alien creature. She later eats the creature and is captured by a NASA astronaut Will who arrived on the planet in fourteen years ago with three other scientists.

The three scientists died as the planet was affecting their mental states however Jemma discovers something is hunting and killing them. She also discovers the portals which brought her there is fixed however rotates on the planet’s axis. Jemma finds out when the next one will open and attempts to send a message to Fitz but the portal closes before the bottle gets through. However Fitz manages to get through and pulls Jemma to the other side while leaving Will behind. The episode brings us back to the present as Jemma explains why she needs to return to the planet and rescue Will while also revealing she fell in love with him.

The episode began like the movie Castaway but doesn’t answer any other questions regarding the planet or why the monolith brought her there. It only answers why Jemma needs to go back and we are left hanging with more questions than answers. This episode had an opportunity to expand the Marvel Universe however falls short of becoming above average.