Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Review | Batman - Superman: Truth Hurts [2015] Greg Pak | Ardian Syaf

Batman/Superman #21 kicks off with a depowered Superman fighting in Metropolis as the police hold back due to the orders of Lex Luthor who reveals the individuals attacking him have a unique energy signature leading to Gotham City. Both Luthor and Superman head to Gotham City and run into the new Batman. Clark heads to the Bat Cave to uncover the truth of what happened to Bruce Wayne. Alfred encourages him to live in the light so Clark repaints a Batcycle and attracts the attention of the new Batman. 

The second issue of Truth Hurts begins with Superman and Batman teaming up against an unknown enemy leading to a confrontation between Ukur the Beastlord of the Subterranea. Superman attempts to make peace with him however the peace offering is interrupted by Batman. Shortly afterwards Superman follows Ukur below the surface of the Earth. Reading the second issue seems like writer Greg Pak threw a threat out from nowhere watering down the story of Clark’s revelation as Superman.

Batman/Superman #23 sees Superman going beneath Gotham City to track down Ukur while the Gotham City PD take the portable sun developed by Wayne Enterprises out to sea for safe keeping. Superman disguises himself as one of Ukur’s warriors and discovers their newest ally Aquaman.

Batman/Superman #24 The Subterranean army led by Aquaman wants an artificial sun developed by Wayne Tech. However the artificial sun is stolen by Dawn Command led by Vandal Savage who later meets with Wrath to take over the world. 

Batman/Superman #25 sees Clark take on thieves using Batman armaments as Vandal Savage strikes. Clark escapes with the help of Batgirl and teams with Grayson and Red Hood to stop Savage.

Batman/Superman #26 The Batman Family and Superman take on Vandal Savage’s shadow monsters as James Gordon’s Batman joins the fight. They discover Savage is stockpiling energy for an unknown purpose and they discover a Nazi canon.

Batman/Superman #27 Superman, Batman, and the Batman Family turn the Nazi canon against Vandal Savage and both are destroyed. The Truth story arc running through the Superman books are below average as they are delaying till March 2016 for the real story when Vandal Savage premieres on the Legends of Tomorrow series and Batman V Superman movie premieres.