Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Review | Star Trek - Green Lantern: The Spectrum War [2015]

The first issue begins as Ganthet escapes to another universe from Black Hand with various Lantern rings after the death of Green Lantern Mogo. In another universe, the crew of the starship Enterprise discovers the corpse of Ganthet and various Lantern rings and bring them back to the ship. The Klingon General Chang arrives to capture Kirk and his crew to bring them back to the Planet Kronos. The Lantern rings become active and search for suitable hosts with Chang becoming part of the Sinestro Crops, Chekov becomes a Blue Lantern, Uhura becomes a Star Sapphire, and McCoy becomes part of the Indigo Tribe. Green Lantern Hal Jordan arrives requesting an answer as to why Ganthet’s remains are on the Enterprise.

The second issues see the newest member of Sinestro Corps General Chang attacking the Enterprise as a new Red Lantern and Orange Lantern are chosen. Hal Jordan defends the Enterprise while Blue Lantern Chekov uses his power to escape Chang who returns to his homeworld and murder his superiors. However now Chang faces his new superior Sinestro who arrives on Kronos.

The third issue reveals how Ganthet escaped to the Star Trek Universe using the combine power of the rings to rip space-time. Hal Jordan explains to Kirk how the DC Universe ended with Nekron. However the leaders of the other Lanterns escaped as well during the Last Light. On Gornar a Red Lantern is visited by Atrocitus while on Romulus Larfleeze makes a visit to the new ring bearer. On the Kronos Sinestro educates a new member as Saint Walker and Carol Ferris of the Star Sapphires are in the new universe. They reveal Nekron also made it through during the Last Light and building a Black Lantern army on the ashes of Vulcan.

The fourth issue flashbacks on how Nekron took over the universe by destroying the central batteries and killing the White Lantern Kyle Rayner. In the present a starbase is attacked by the Red Lanterns as Sinestro and the Klingons arrive along with Hal Jordan and the Enterprise. Sinestro takes out the crew of the Enterprise and Hal Jordan assumes control to strike back as the dead rises from the ashes of destroyed Vulcan homeworld. 

The fifth issue sees the eruption of the War of the Light in the Star Trek Universe as John Stewart, Guy Gardner, and Kilowog arrives to save Jordan. Kirk and Spock discover the Planet Vulcan has returned and informs Jordan so has Nekron. The remaining Green Lantern Corps capture Sinestro and imprison him on the Enterprise while Scotty manufactures a White Lantern Ring. The Enterprise heads towards Vulcan where the Green Lanterns and the crew face Nekron and his Vulcan Black Lanterns. 

The finale sees the Green Lanterns and the crew of the Enterprise take on Nekron and his Vulcan Black Lanterns. Kirk takes McCoys ring and puts it on Spock which brings the other Lantern rings to him except for a Green Lantern ring. The Green Lantern Corps focuses their energies onto Spock which rebirths the Life Entity. Nekron is destroyed by the Life Entity and the Planet Vulcan dies again. The aftermath sees the Green Lanterns incorporated into the Star Trek Universe while Star Fleet issues force-field rings to each cadet. This crossover was very well put together and opens up a possible sequel with the newly formed universe consisting of both DC and Star Trek characters.