Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Review | Superman - Action Comics: Hard Truth [2015] Greg Pak | Aaron Kuder

Action Comics #41 the events take place after Superman #41 but we get clues of what has happened so far. Superman lost his suit after the Fortress of Solitude locked him out, Lois exposed his identity to the world, and shadow creatures are attacking him as he heads back to his home in Metropolis. Now he deals with another shadow creature as the Metropolis police plan to burn down the block where Superman lived to remove any alien viruses. 

Action Comics #42 Superman takes on a shadow creature and blows it up. The Metropolis police plan to remove the citizens from the block by force however the residents have a sit down. As the police move in Superman arrives to block them off but the police beat him down until they cross the line and Superman fights back.

Action Comics #43 Superman punches a cop and discovers he is one of the shadows. Later on we discover the Mayor and City Hall are full of shadows and Superman and the cops are standing in their way.

Action Comics #44 The Mayor reveals herself as Wrath as the shadows take over the residents of the city. Superman fights back and the Wrath escapes to fight again.

Action Comics #45 Clark Kent assumes a new identity under Archie Clayton and goes after Wrath. He breaks into a secret facility however gets infected by Lee Lambert.

Action Comics #46 Superman is infected Lee Lambert however uses it to get the innocents out. Later Clark attempts to stop Wrath from using jets to infect citizens until he encounters Frankenstein.

Action Comics #47 we finally discover the origin of Wrath and how she took Vandal Savage’s offer to save herself. Clark embraces the shadows and stops the jets from infecting their targets. Vandal Savage takes the shadows and Black Mass back from Wrath. The Action Comics books are going downhill due to the lack of direction DC Comics has for Superman. Greg Pak is an awesome writer however he can’t save a franchise on his own.