Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Walking Dead Season 6: What Happens Next to Jessie, Morgan, and Carl?

At the end of the mid-season finale for season six, we saw the Walkers invade Alexandria as Rick and the others cover themselves in Walker guts to escape the carnage. At the end we see the survivors holding hands and walking through the Walkers. Rick is holding onto his son Carl while he is holding on to Jessie who is holding onto her children Sam and Ron. Sam panics which will draw the attention of the Walkers. 

In the comics once Alexandria is invaded by the Walkers, Morgan is bitten and Michonne removes his arm to keep the infection from spreading but it is too late and she ends his life. Rick and the other survivors surround themselves with Walker guts to escape however Ron panics. He gets surrounded by the Walkers as Rick encourages Jessie to leave her son. She doesn’t but continues to hold onto Carl. Rick cuts off her hand to escape with Carl. 

During the chaos at Alexandria, a survivor shoots randomly which hits Carl in the face. Rick takes Carl to the Doctor while he and the other survivors fight to save Alexandria. The events take place between issues #79 and #84 of the Walking Dead comics and it is collected in the fourteenth volume of the Walking Dead: No Way Out.