Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Review | Superman: Before Truth [2015] Gene Luen Yang | John Romita Jr.

Superman #41 Someone knows Superman’s secret identity and uses it to do his bidding. Clark must turn over Ada Amoragujeta AKA Condesa who comes to the Daily Planet however she is arrested by the authorities. Once she is arrested, Clark helps her escape with the help of Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane. 

Superman #42 sees them under attack which reveals Clark’s abilities to Lois. Together with Jimmy Olsen and Condesa they reach a secret campus which is the home of Hordr who uses knowledge of secrets to run the world. The campus is destroyed however someone has siphoned Superman’s powers as he goes Super Flare. 

Superman #43 begins with Hordor_Root commanding Superman to appear before him so he can study his new Super Flare powers. Superman submits or his identity will be revealed to the world. Lois believes revealing his identity to the world will save Superman however only makes him a target as both Superman and Clark Kent.

Superman #44 sees Clark take on the Royal Flush Gang as a hostage situation takes place at the Daily Planet. Clark takes on Livewire, Killer Croc, and the Atomic Skull to save Perry and his staff. Superman issues a warning to everyone who plans on targeting his friends and family. Meanwhile the villain Hordr_Root makes his next move.

Superman #45 Clark infiltrates a company Hordr_Root took over but he escapes so Superman heads towards an underground fighting match where he decides to participate as a fighter.

Superman #46 Hordr_Root created a Sand Clone of Superman which Clark fights. The Superman Sand Clone used his heat vision on Jimmy while Hordr_Root challenges Clark on his previous threat of anyone who goes after his friends and family he will go after a thousandfold.

The arc could have been much better. We have an unknown villain introduced and we know less about him at the end than in the beginning. Clark is outed however the consequences are still unfolding. The first issues of the arc looked promising but it falls flat at the end of the arc.