Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Review | Witchblade #185 [2015] Ron Marz Final Issue

In 1995 the first issue of Witchblade premiered with artist Michael Turner who brought the character to life. The series begins and ends with the same Michael Turner cover. In 1998 Wizard Magazine brought Witchblade #500 where Sara had two children followed by a TNT television series which lasted two seasons between 2001 and 2002. Now writer Ron Marz brings twenty years of Witchblade stories to a close with a final issue. 

The finale begins with Sara who is now 45 years old and the bearer of the Witchblade for twenty years. We recap the last 185 issues as Sara looks for a suitable bearer for the Witchblade. Every time she gives it to a new host the Witchblade returns back to her until one day it goes missing. The issue is light on story but it is a wonderful dedication to Michael Turner who brought the book to life in an era where DC and Marvel books were hot. The Witchblade will live on in the form of Switch which is a teenage book by Image Comics. When Witchblade does return it would most likely be with a brand new first issue followed by a 200th anniversary issue when the fifteenth issue is released.