Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Review | Superman - Wonder Woman: Dark Truth [2015] Peter J. Tomasi

Superman/Wonder Woman #21 continues the Truth stories with Lana Lang and Steel missing in Smallville. Both Superman and Wonder Woman attempt to find them however someone has taken the Kent home, barn, and the buried bodies. As they attempt to process what happened, the Suicide Squad arrives. The second issue of Dark Truth sees both Superman and Wonder Woman take on the Suicide Squad. Following the battle Superman forces his way into the White House to meet with the President of the United States. The last two issues have been short on plot and the mysteries of the disappearance of the Kent farm house and graves are barely touched. 

After arriving at the White House, Superman is greeted by Steve Trevor of ARGUS and later by President Obama in Superman/Wonder Woman #20. It is revealed that the US Government kidnapped Superman’s friends and coworkers to search for answers. The Parasite attacks however he was deployed prematurely by the Chief of Staff. Trevor gives the location of Superman’s friends while Wonder Woman rescues Jimmy Olsen, Perry White, Lana Lang, Steel, Cat Grant, and Lois Lane from captivity and interrogates them regarding Clark Kent’s secret identity. Each reveal their intentions leaving Lois Lane to reveal hers.

Superman/Wonder Woman #21 Wonder Woman interrogates Lois as Superman arrives to free the Smallville residents. Now Superman trusts neither Wonder Woman nor Lois as Mr. Bend is fired by POTUS who later meets with Wrath from Action Comics and Vandal Savage from Batman/Superman. The events of Superman from the sister titles are slowly coming together as the puzzle and the bigger picture of where the Superman titles are heading is leading to the 50th issues of the New 52. 

Superman/Wonder Woman #22 Superman attempts to travel into the sun to regain his powers however Wonder Woman stops him. Later Superman and Wonder Woman interrupts a transport ship to Belle Reve and breaks the Parasite out to gain information.

Superman/Wonder Woman #23 Wonder Woman and Superman use the Parasite to track down an energy source. Vandal Savage’s son is planning on killing his father with Firestorm and all the criminals from Steel’s facility but first he plans on using them on Superman and Wonder Woman. During the battle Wonder Woman is captured and used against Superman.

Superman/Wonder Woman #24 Vandal Savage’s son uses a suit to harvest the powers of Firestorm and Wonder Woman to defeat his father. Superman gets the upper hand and defeats him with the Parasite. Vandal Savage’s son is imprisoned and he is later killed by his father and the Parasite is taken back to Bell Reve Prison. Overall the story arc is a waste as it was just a standalone story which will not have any long term effects between the  Superman and Vandal Savage conflict.