Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Review | Superman Annual #3 [2015] Savage Dawn

Superman Annual #3 promised an unexpected connection to Krypton and it delivered as Savage Dawn begins. We discovered back on Krypton Im-El used a missile to deflect a comet which gave Vandal Savage his powers on Earth. We also discover more pieces of the comet appears over the centuries as the largest piece as yet to arrive. In the present Clark attempts to find new ways to regain his powers with the help of Steel and Lana Lang, Lex Luthor takes the Justice League on a mission while leaving Clark behind, and the Stormwatch carrier arrives under the command of Vandal Savage and his children with the Justice League Watchtower embedded into it. 

The Savage Dawn story builds up towards March 2016 when the Batman V Superman film is released and the story will conclude with the fiftieth issues of the Superman titles. Between now and the finale Superman becomes desperate to regain his powers to the point he becomes powered by Kryptonite. He will take on the children of Vandal Savage and reclaim the Fortress of Solitude before facing him. Clark will also meet with the Pre-Flashpoint Superman for the first time who currently resides in the New 52 Universe following the events of last year’s Convergence. Overall the story arc is poorly executed as the monthly solicitations reveal what will happen within each issue as we build towards the finale.