Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Bloodshot Reborn: Colorado [2015] Jeff Lemire | Mico Suayan

Bloodshot: Reborn begins following the events of The Valiant where the current Geomancer met her end and she restored Bloodshot back to human form as Ray Garrison. He works as a handyman at a hotel until he discovers a shooting at a theater by a Bloodshot imposter. Now Ray is determined to track down this Bloodshot and end his reign of terror. He tracks down and kills this Bloodshot while absorbing his nanites only to discover another mass shooting involving a different Bloodshot imposter. Ray tracks down the second Bloodshot imposter who has been captured to a police station and kills him. After absorbing his nanites Ray discovers there are five other Bloodshots ready to lose control as the FBI is on his trail. He tracks down the third imposter however he is killed by a girl called Magic. 

Bloodshot has hallucinations of Bloodsquirt and Kay McHenry on his mind telling him to kill Magic. He shoots Bloodsquirt and Kay disappears then he asks Magic to read his classified file on him.