Friday, July 31, 2015

Film Review | Mission: Impossible: Rogue Nation [2015] Tom Cruise

The fifth installment of Mission: Impossible  follows the ending of Ghost Protocol where Ethan Hunt pursues the Syndicate. In London Ethan is prepared to listen to his next IMF assignment however it’s a trap set by the Syndicate and he is captured. Meanwhile back in the United States IMF operations have been handed over to the CIA. Ethan escapes the Syndicate with the help of an unknown woman and discovers the IMF is shut down. He heads to Paris while the CIA is pursuing him in Cuba. 

Agent Benji Dunn arrives in Vienna, Austria where Ethan contacts him to help him track down the Syndicate at the Opera House. The unknown woman who helped Ethan escapes the Syndicate as well as other members attempt to assassinate Austria’s Chancellor. As Ethan and the unknown woman leave the Opera House, the Austrian Chancellor is assassinated. Ethan reveals to Benji the Syndicate is an Anti-IMF who are behind various disasters around the world to create profit from chaos. 

On the trail of the Syndicate both Ethan and Benji head to Marocco where they discover the unknown woman is British Intelligence Agent Ilsa Faust who reveals the head of the Syndicate is former British Intelligence Solomon Lane. The entire file on the Syndicate is in a computer vault which Ethan plans to break into and steal it so he can bring down the Syndicate. Elsewhere Agent William Brandt works for CIA Agent Alan Hunley and wants Luther Stickwell help to track down both Ethan and Benji. 

After obtaining the Syndicate file, Ilsa steals the file and runs away from both Ethan and the Syndicate while Luther and William arrive on the scene. Ethan grabs a bike and heads after her with the Syndicate on her trail however she escapes. Benji had already made a copy of the Syndicate file however it cannot be opened with the Prime Minister of Britain. The IMF team realizes the Syndicate’s next target. 

Ilsa meets with Ethan while the Syndicate kidnaps Benji in exchange for the file. Now the IMF needs to open the file by getting to the British Prime Minister. Each Mission: Impossible movie is directed with a different style allowing the franchise to build a larger audience. Rogue Nation is a thriller much like the first one that was released nearly twenty years ago however the action slows down as we reach the end of the story. It seems like the filmmakers were running out of money as the action sequences were disproportionately distributed with the first half of the film benefiting from the sequences.