Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Review | Star Wars: Showdown on Smugglers Moon [2015] Jason Aaron

Star Wars #7 Luke discovers a journal chronicling Ben Kenobi adventures while hiding out on Tattooine. Uncle Owen refused to let Ben train Luke to become a Jedi after what happened to his father Anakin. If Ben couldn’t train Luke then he kept him safe.

Star Wars #8 The Empire discovers a stolen Imperial Shuttle which landed on the surface of the planet so they set fire to the skies. On the surface of the planet, Leia and Han are confronted by his wife Sana Solo who destroys the Imperial Shuttle as the Tie Fighters arrive. Meanwhile Luke and R2-D2 head to Nar Shaddaa, the Smuggler’s Moon to find a secure transport go to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant however someone steals Luke’s lightsaber and runs off. 

Star Wars #9 Luke tracks down the thief who stole his lightsaber and runs into a Hutt that collects Jedi artifacts. The Hutt asks him to open a Jedi Holocron and claims Luke as his property. Meanwhile Sansa, Han, and Leia escape Imperial forces as R2-D2 calls for help in the form of C-3P0 and Chewbacca.

Star Wars #10 Han, Leia, and Sansa escape Imperial forces as C-3P0 and Chewbacca search for Luke who is fighting in an arena for a Hutt. Now the bounty hunter Dengar is on the trail of Chewbacca to collect a bounty from Jabba. 

Star Wars #11 Luke Skywalker is forced by Grakkus the Hut to fight in the arena to the death as the Gamemaster calls the Imperials to take the Jedi. The bounty hunter Dengar has tracked down Chewbacca and plans on using him as bait for Solo who soon arrives to sale his friend. 

Star Wars #12 Han Solo saves Chewbacca from the bounty hunter Dengar. Luke is in the arena until the shock collars on the Kongo the Disemboweler are triggered by the Gamemaster who is an Imperial Stormtrooper from Vader’s Fist. Luke receives his lightsaber from R2D2 and fights off Imperials as his friends arrive. R2D2 manages to arm them with lightsabers giving us an epic first in Star Wars canon. Luke, Han, and Leia escape the planet before Darth Vader arrives.