Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Review | Squadron Sinister [2015] Marc Guggenheim | Carlos Pacheco

The Squadron Sinister has been taking out their Squadron Supreme doppelgangers and annexing their territory. Iron Thor arrives as the Squadron Sinister plan on going to Shadow Province and finding Doctor Zero and his Argonite weapon. The weapon is the only thing that could harm Hyperion. Eight hours later Iron Thor is dead and the Squadron Sinister heads towards Shadow Province. Hyperion kills Doctor Zero and Nighthawk retrieves the Argonite weapon. Nighthawk is secretly planning on killing Hyperion while Zarda is secretly working with the Nutopians.

The Squadron Sinister warns the Frightful Four against invading Europix however they invade it. The Frightful Four are stopped and the Squadron Sinister annexes Europix. Nighthawk discovers Zarda secretly works for the Nutopians and uses the information against her. He also used Sandman to retrieve the Argonite gun to use against Hyperion. The Whizzer is blamed for the theft and Hyperion kills him. The Nutopians have an army of Star Brands and we discover Zarda killed Iron Thor so Doom will blame Doctor Spectrum.

Nighthawk tells Zarda to leave as he prepares himself to destroy Hyperion. He uses the Argonite gun against him as well as Doctor Spectrum’s prism. Hyperion is killed and the Star Brands arrive to liberate the city however the Thors arrive to stop the battle. They take Nighthawk to Doomstadt where we discover he killed the Iron Thor. He is banished beyond the SHIELD where the Ultrons reside. The series is self-contained within the Secret Wars event.The first appearance of the Squadron Sinister appeared in Avengers #69 and #70. The Avengers are pitted against the Squadron Sinister which they successfully defeated.