Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Review | Thors [2015] Jason Aaron | Chris Sprouse

Thors begins with five murders over five different kingdoms and time is running out. If they do not solve these murders then Doom will take interest which will mean stripping the Thors of their hammers. The Thors discover that they are all the same woman. Beta Ray Bill asks a homeless man for help who reveals himself as Loki. Ray discovers the identity of the five victims Jane Foster however he is injured before he could reveal the killer. 

The second issue of Thors sees the funeral for Beta Ray Bill and the Thors vow vengeance by tracking down every lead they could find including repeat offenders. The Ultimate Thor tracks down Jane Foster who has been taken by another Mighty Thor. Now another victim falls prey in the form of Donald Blake as the Ultimate Thor tracks down their first suspect Loki.

The third issue of Thors sees Loki being interrogated by the Ultimate Thor. Loki reveals there are more bodies so Ultimate Thor heads to the Deadlands to find the bodies however he is ambushed by Rune and Destroyer Thor. He is left for dead until he is rescued by the Unworthy Thor.

The finale of Thors begins with Rune and Destroyer Thors about to kill Loki until the Ultimate and Unworthy Thors arrive to arrest them. The Rune and Destroyer Thors killed the Jane Foresters and Donald Blake to preserve a lie. The Jane Forester Thor reveals Thor is not the All-Father and rallies the other Thors against Doom. 

The Rune Thor loses his ability to lift the hammer by becoming unworthy. The Unworthy Thor passes by and looks down on it and says “Maybe, Next Time.” This line gave reference to the 2008 Iron Man film where James Rhodes says a similar line when look at the Iron Man armor. The Ultimate Thor falls while battling Doom and throws his hammer and lands in Old Asgard. The conclusion of the Thors is a book worth reading and collecting if you are a Thor fan and currently reading the new series to find out what happens next. Writer Jason Aaron brought closure to the series while building towards the next chapter.