Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Analysis: DC Comics Solicitations for November 2015 [Devil Comics Entertainment]

DC Comics releases Dark Knight: Master Race and Superman: American Alien to bring focus on these characters before the upcoming Batman V Superman film in March. Both series are best read in trade form rather than individual issues. 

Dark Knight: Master Race comes in two forms. The first form comes with a size discrepancy between the main comic and the mini comic retailing at $48 USD for the entire series. The other is an oversized collector’s edition retailing at $13 USD each totaling $104 USD. The best form is the trade which would probably retail for $30 which is less than both the individual and collector editions.  

Superman: American Alien retails for $4 USD totaling $28 for the entire series while the trade will retail between $25 and $30. DC Comics needs to bring value to the monthly series for both readers and collectors rather than bombarding comic stores with unsold issues and devaluing comics.

The rest of the DC titles either finish for their current story arcs or begin new ones before leading to their 50th issues. One of the favorite parts of collecting comic books is when they are hitting their milestones. However currently there is nothing inspiring of DC releases as they face illegal downloaders, competition from video games and their competitors. It would be nice if the monthly books were limited editions and the rest were available for downloads. This will go a long way to restoring and building a healthy comic industry.