Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Divinity [2015] Matt Kindt | Trevor Hairsine

Divinity #1 begins with Abram Adams being born in 1945 and growing up in Russia. He is chosen to travel to the edge of the galaxy. We are also introduced to David Camp who meets Abram Adams. The first issue is shrouded in mystery giving the first issue enough push to warrant finishing the rest of the series. 

The second issue of Divinity explains that Abram Adams has returned to Earth and has God-like powers and turning the Australian outback into paradise for natives who worship him. In the past we find out his girlfriend is pregnant while in the present the Unity team arrives to confront Divinity.

The third issue of Divinity expands on the missing years since launching into space and returning home. We discover that the Russians sent three people into the edge of the galaxy including Abram Adams. The three of them are at the edge of the galaxy and Abram removes his helmet in space. He receives God-like powers and returns home while leaving his comrades behind. Divinity returns home and realizes he can bend space and time so he can resume the life he once wanted. He also deals with the Unity team by altering their perception of reality and trapping them in a time loop. However Ninjak manages to break Divinity’s manipulation and teach the others how to fight back.

The final issue of Divinity sees Abram visit his girlfriend and daughter while the Unity squad traps him within the containment pod. Meanwhile David Camp has built a religion around Divinity. Abrams is buried beneath the Earth in his own reality. Divinity is best read in trade paperback form as the individual issue does not do justice to the story without the other issues. However it will be much more straightforward than flashing back and forth from the past to the present. This was frustrating putting the pieces of Divinity’s story together.