Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Doctor Who: Four Doctors [2015] Paul Cornell | Neil Edwards

The War Doctor arrives on Planet Marinus as Clara Oswald attempts to save the universe by hooking up with Tenth and Eleventh Doctor’s assistants to prevent them from meeting and setting on foot on the Planet Marinus. However it is hopeless as all the Doctors meet including the current incarnation and together they face the Reapers, antibodies of time paradoxes. After escaping the Reapers, the three Doctors head to the Planet Marinus regardless of the consequences that await them. Once they arrive the Doctors are attacked by the Voord from outside of spacetime. 

The Doctors arrive on the Planet Marinus and trigger a continuity bomb which erases several events in the Doctor’s life. Now they are stuck in a looping timeline unless they commit to one timeline. They commit to the 13th Doctor’s future timeline because the 10th and 11th will destroy the universe. The Doctors escape the looping continuity bomb timeline and discover themselves with the Voord who give a ceremonial costume to the 13th Doctor from the future because he is their leader. The origin of how the Voord escaped reality is told as well as how the older 12th Doctor became their leader. His plan is to become the new Time Lords and make everyone one species by erasing the Doctors’ minds and sending them back through time so all the points will lead to the old 12th Doctor’s current timeline. The Voord are searching for the Doctor’s companions Alice and Gabby but Alice is killed and Gabby opens the Doctor’s comics.

As Gabby opens the comics Weeping Angel sends her into the past where she warns the Doctor’s companions. The Doctors understand what will happen in their futures and respond accordingly. The 12th Doctor takes on her future self with the rest of the Doctors and succeeds in preventing a timeline with a despot Doctor. We have cameo of the ninth Doctor and Rose towards the end while the War Doctor was a the beginning. These cameos did not serve the storyline and were just added additions for the reader to go "O Wow."