Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Review | Ivar, Timewalker: Ending History [2015] Fred Van Lente | Pere Perez

After losing Ivar in the future, Neela travels back through time and grabs Ivar before he uses the Boon to restore his brother Gilad. The multiverse is expanding due to paradoxes created by Neela in the future. Now they are dealing with T-Rexs riding on Triceratops. They are both captured and Ivar is taken to the arena to fight while Neela is recognized as the Mistress of the Prometheans. Now an asteroid is heading towards Earth which contains an element the Prometheans need. Neela decides the only way to stop the Mistress is to kill herself however she is saved by the Prometheans. She becomes the Mistress who is the person she was supposed to stop in the first place. 

Ivar discovers the Prometheans are mass producing Neela as the Mistress to destroy him. The real Neela reveals herself explaining the Prometheans put implants into the Neela clones to hate Ivar and to serve their purposes. Neela discovers the only way to save the universe is to sacrifice her relationship with Ivar. At the end Neela becomes the new Timewalker while Ivar is imprisoned in Time Jail. The final issue is incredible and did not expect the ending which gave the series absolute closure as well as continuation.