Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Review | Marvel Comics Ultimate End [2015] Brian Michael Bendis | Mark Bagley

In the first issue of Ultimate End, Doom constructed Battleworld in Secret Wars however cannot listen to the silent chambers of the Manhattan where the heroes of both the Marvel and Ultimate Universe decide however to return things to normal. However the Thors who act as Doom’s Stormtroopers arrive in Manhattan. Ultimate End #2 The Thors arrive on the island of Manhattan and warns the Avengers and the Ultimates to cease any activity to rectify the situation. Hawkeye stands up and is quickly struck down by the Thors. Both Tony Starks decide to find a solution, Peter Parker visits the Ultimate versions of Aunt May and Gwen Stacy, and the Punisher escapes prison as both the Green and Gray Hulks battle it out. SHIELD, Avengers, and the Ultimates arrive to resolve the situation. 

Ultimate End #3 Bruce Banner is detained within the Triskelion as the Avengers and Ultimates debate on what to do next. Meanwhile the Ultimate Punisher kills the Marvel Universe Punisher then targets the Wreaking Crew and other heroes. Iron Man rescues Bruce Banner from his imprisonment as they plan on what to do next.

Ultimate End #4 begins with Nick Fury and SHIELD is tracking down Tony Stark who recently kidnapped the Hulk along with the Avengers and Ultimates. Tony Stark defends himself with an army of his Iron Man armors however it was just a distraction so the two Starks and Banner can figure out a way home. Meanwhile the Punisher is targeting villains and heroes alike as the Avengers and Ultimates face each other again as Doctor Doom watches their mutually assured destruction.

Ultimate End #5 Miles Morales arrives and stops the Avengers and Ultimates from fighting. Jean Grey and Emma Frost discover the truth from his mind and shares it with the others. They discover Battleworld is a prison created by Doctor Doom and he has won. Miles reveals there is a plan with others who have survived the Incursions. The issue ends with the heroes taking on Doctor Doom in Secret Wars #9. The Ultimate Universe comes to a close with this issue as the only surviving character Miles Morales is incorporated into the Marvel Universe. The series started off as if it wasn’t going anywhere until the final issue which is the style of writer Brian Michael Bendis.