Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Review | Ninjak: The Shadow Wars [2015] Matt Kindt | Juan Jose Ryp | Butch Guice

Ninjak #6 begins as Ninjak hunts the Shadow Seven as he takes over as CEO of the criminal empire the Weaponeer. First of his list is La Barbe and heads to the South of France to find him and send him to MI-6. Ninjak #7 The next target of the Shadow Seven is Sanguine and Ninjak takes her down and sends her to Neville Alcott who reveals one of the Shadow Seven is linked to a nuke through a dead-man’s switch. 

Ninjak #8 Colin King continues with his next target Fitzy of the Shadow Seven. We discover he is a clone created by Dr. Silk and rose to the ranks of the Shadow Seven. Fitzy destroyed Dr. Silk’s clones and Ninjak knocks him out and takes him back. Neville finally catches up with Ninjak and gives him intel on his next target Fakir who could possibly have a nuke connected to him and resides in Vegas.

 Ninjak #9 Colin King faces off against Fakir who has a dead-man’s switch attached to him. He discovers in Fakir’s residence he has the Undead Monk who is being used to link Fakir to the bomb. Ninjak kills the Undead Monk which kills the dead-man’s switch. In the past we discover Colin’s real father was the one who was abusing him as he returns home in the present.

In the past Colin King is attempting to track down Angelina’s killer with her husband Neville Alcott. He tracks the assassin down to a temple however it was a trap. Colin is pushed into a well and climbs out only to discover one of his captors was the person who ordered the murder of Angelina. Ninjak trains until he is prepared to avenge Angelina's murder. Ninjak avenges Angelina by killing Xaman and is banished. Later Neville arrives and has his memory erased by the Undead Monk including his wife Angelina.

The story could have been told better but we have a complete conclusion to the story arc which began in the first issue.