Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Flash Season 2: 1st Appearances of Dr. Light, Hawkgirl, Jesse Quick, and Vibe

Harrison Wells arrives and explains to Barry he is responsible for the Metahumans from Earth 2. He also explains Zoom’s motives of being the only speedster in the Multiverse. Wells wants Barry to capture Dr. Light to lure Zoom. Barry tracks down Dr. Light who is revealed to be Linda Park of Earth 2. Dr. Light targets her Earth 1 doppleganger Linda Park to take her place so she could be free from Zoom however she kills the editor instead. Wells reveals to everyone Cisco is a Metahuman and uses Dr. Light’s helmet to track her down.

The Flash tracks her down and creates speed mirages of himself to give Dr. Light more than one target to confuse her before taking her down. On Earth 2, Zoom kidnapped Wells’ daughter revealing why Wells is so eager to take responsibility for the Metahumans and to help Barry defeat Zoom. Another great episode of the Flash as we explore the Harrison Wells of Earth 2.

Other stories include Barry going on a date with Patty Spivot after being partially blinded by Dr. Light. Following her cameo in the Flash Season 1 finale, we officially meet Kendra Saunders who later becomes Hawkgirl. In the comics as part of the New 52 reboot, she resides on Earth 2 however in the upcoming DC’s Legends of Tomorrow series she will be reunited with Hawkman.

Jay Garrick reveals Atlantis exists on Earth 2 and his friend is from there which would be the Earth 2 Aquaman. We are introduced to the daughter of Harrison Wells who is destined to become Jesse Quick. In the comics she is the daughter of Golden Age heroes Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle. Cisco accepts his Metahuman title Vibe. In the comics his powers disrupt the Speed Force making him one of the few characters who poses a threat to speedsters such as Flash and Zoom.