Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Review | Rai: The Orphan [2015] Matt Kindt | Clayton Crain

Lula has freed the Geomancer Karana from captivity and revealed Father kept her captive so no one will rise against New Japan from Earth. Spylocke is held by the new Rai now called X-Eye. Spylocke is using old videos to give instructions to his acolytes including a reward for killing Silk who has betrayed both Spylocke and Rai. After Rai fell to Earth he realizes he is not healing because he is not connected to New Japan and is shot by the natives of Earth.

Now Rai is on a journey to find an island with a warrior who cannot die. They find the beheaded Ax who is prepared to self-destruct. Rai continues his search for the Eternal Warrior until he finally finds him. Rai needs his help to rescue a Geomancer which the Eternal Warrior agrees to kill Father and let New Japan fall. Spylocke puts in the code to kill New Japan and it falls onto the Earth. 

The series does not conclude here however lets into next year's 2016 summer event 4001 AD. The series seems like a cheat as it builds towards something else instead of giving the audience closure.