Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Review | Amazing Spider-Man: Worldwide [2015] Dan Slott

Amazing Spider-Man brings Parker Industries worldwide and takes the Spider-Mobile to the streets of Shanghai chasing down thieves with Mockingbird of SHIELD. Zodiac is targeting Parker Industries for his technology and Parker has the Prowler disguised as Spider-Man to fill-in when he’s in the public eye. The ending sees the return of Doctor Octopus who has somehow downloaded himself into a robot. Overall a nice setup which will lead into a major Spider-Man event in 2016 as he is incorporated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Captain America: Civil War. The back up stories sets up other series including Spider-Man 2099, Silk, Spider-Woman, Web-Warriors, and the return of Regent from Renew Your Vows.

Spider-Man and the Prowler track down and retrieve Parker’s Webware device from Zodiac to an underwater headquarters. Before the underwater headquarters is destroyed, Zodiac sent the encrypted Webware data to every base. Now SHIELD can track their bases down and shut them down. Later we discover the Rhino is alive and reunited with his love Oksana by an unknown benefactor.

Zodiac attacks SHIELD and decrypted all the stolen data while the Human Torch attacks Parker for buying the Baxter Building. Johnny Storm discovers Peter is saving the Baxter Building until the day the Fantastic Four returns. In African Mr. Osborn resurfaces as the Green Goblin and attacks projects under Uncle Ben Foundation. SHIELD plans to strike at Zodiac bases worldwide as Spider-Man heads to Africa to stop the Green Goblin and his War Goblins. Back at New York the same unknown benefactor speaks to the Lizard and wants him to join his new villain team. 

Zodiac attacks a British Museum and steals an artifact and gets away. Later we discover he is the Mr. Jacobs who is the Chief Shareholder at Parker Industries. Overall the first story arc fails to deliver as we play the long game. It would have been nice to have closure within the story arcs. 

Amazing Spider-Man #1–5