Thursday, October 29, 2015

Arrow Season 4: Oliver Queen discovers Lance and Damien Darhk alliance

Oliver Queen settles for a suburban life with Felicity as Team Arrow deals with thieves stealing weapons from Kord Industries. Damien Darhk is behind the theft and the subsequent attacks on the city. Oliver returns to Star City to take on Damien Darhk and the HIVE as the Green Arrow. Flash forward six months later we discover Oliver is mourning the death of a friend. Thea and Laurel head to Nanda Parbat to restore Sara as Oliver and Diggle deal with the villain Double Down.

Beyond Redemption begins with Oliver Queen running for Star City Mayor and he has built a new lair for the Green Arrow with the help of Cisco and Star Labs. The Arrow Team and Captain Lance target cops who are taking down drug dealers and stealing their cash. However the Arrow Team is overwhelmed when the cops use anti-vigilante task force equipment. The rogue cops are doing this to provide for their families because the city is dying. 

Later Laurel explains to her father how she brought Sara back using the Lazarus Pit. Sara is currently not in a stable state of mind so Lance asks for help from Damien Darhk. Oliver became aware of that meeting while doing surveillance to find the rogue cops.  He confronts Lance and discovers Damien Darhk came to help the city when the Arrow was gone. 

Lance is kidnapped by the rogue cops and use him to access a contraband disposal facility. The Arrow Team arrives and takes them down. Now Oliver is using Lance to get close to Damien Darkh. As Oliver launches his campaign to become Mayor, Laurel discovers her sister has escaped. The episode pushes the plot forward as Oliver is positioning himself to stop Damien Darkh and the subplots of Sara and Ray Palmer are building up to the Legends of Tomorrow series coming early next year.