Saturday, October 31, 2015

Ash Vs. Evil Dead Season 1: Who is Ruby Knowby? Who is El Jefe?

Bruce Campbell is back as Ash Williams and hilarity ensues when he discovers while smoking Mary Janes he and his companion recited passages from the Book of the Dead. Ash’s companion takes the life of a Michigan State Trooper as his partner Amanda Fisher is left alive and is now a part of an Internal Affairs investigation. While working at Value Stop, Ash is targeted by a killer doll until his co-worker Pablo smashes it with a shovel. He explains to him why he needs to leave through the events of Evil Dead 2. Pablo responds by telling him El Jefe will stop the evil and he is him.

As the Evil Dead are rising all around, Ash and his co-workers Simon and Kelly are targeted by the them. Now Ash fights back by becoming El Jefe fighting them off with a chainsaw. Lucy Lawless plays Ruby Knowby who is the daughter of Professor Knowby from Evil Dead 2. She plays a police detective hunting down the source of the evil outbreaks and will eventually face Ash. Overall the series brings the same humor and horror which brought the cult following. The series is short and sweet running 30 minutes and it has already been renewed for a Second Season.