Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Batman and Robin Eternal Volume 1 [2015] James Tynion IV | Scott Snyder

The sequel to the year-long Batman: Eternal is only twenty-six issues long as the series ends when Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is released. The series is set to feature the return of Cassandra Cain as the consequences of Batman and Robin’s actions from five years ago comes back to haunt them. DC Comics is using the Island of Gamorra which was set in the Wildstorm Universe as a setting to build their mystery. There is a conspiracy over who Robin is and why there are so many of them as we celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Robin. 

The issue begins in the past as a child loses his Egyptian parents the same way as Bruce Wayne’s parents. In the present Richard Grayson returns to Gotham following Forever Evil and reteams with Red Hood and Robin as the new Batman tracks down Bluebird to detain her. Later Grayson is targeted by children and her Spyral partner who are under the orders of Orphan. Cassandra Cain targets Grayson and gives him a file while Orphan targets Bluebird who may be the only one who can find Mother. Grayson discovers the file contains Batman’s confession and a warning against Mother who made Batman responsible for killing the Egyptian parents in the past.  

The series maintains the current continuity following Endgame, where Bruce Wayne returns and Batman is gone. The issue kicks off with a bang as we will finally learn why there are so many Robins and how Batman was responsible. This issue is a definite pick.

Grayson finds Harper Row injured after facing off with Orphan and Red Hood faces Cassandra Cain. All the former Batman sidekicks unite in the Batcave where they find out Bruce Wayne is Mother’s next target. The Robins and the Batman Family unite to save Bruce from Mother’s assassins. Now Red Robin gets a call from Mother as Grayson visits Drake’s home and discovers he has been protecting them. Blue Bird and Cassandra run into the Orphan who loses her right hand. In the past Bruce discovers individuals could be guided, cared, and taught to be whoever you want them to be by Mother in Prague. In the present the Batman Family head to Prague to track down Mother and the Orphan. 

Grayson confronts Mother and discovers Bruce wanted an heir so she built him a Robin. Mother is creating designer human beings and knows Bruce secretly wants a better Robin. Red Hood and Red Robin head to Santa Prisca where they find the church the Crusade of St. Dumas built on top of the prison. They team up with Bane to rid the Crusade of St. Dumas and Azrael. Red Hood and Red Robin discover Azrael was designed by Mother. 

Blue Bird and Grayson head towards David Cain’s home and are confronted by the Sculptor whose boss is Mother. We discover the Orphan is David Cain and Mother shaped her children using Crane’s fear gas to stimulate trauma. However the Orphan used practical techniques on his daughter which Mother disapproved of. Mother is training the true heir to the Batman Legacy.

Cassandra Cain heads towards the Nursery to free the children currently being training by Mother and Orphan. Before the events of Endgame, Batman gave Cassandra Cain her mission to stop Mother with the help of Dick Grayson. Nightwing and Bluebird arrive to the Nursery to stop David Cain however it was a trap set by Mother to kill everyone with a thermonuclear device. 

Batman and Robin Eternal [2015] #1–13