Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Review | Squadron Supreme #1 [2015] James Robinson | Leonard Kirk

Squadron Supreme begins with team members who lost their worlds due to the Incursions and vowing to protect their current one. Their first target is Namor who destroyed Doctor Spectrum’s world during the Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers run. The Squadron Supreme takes on Namor and his people by raising Atlantis from its depths and destroying it. Hyperion kills Namor and the Squadron Supreme admits it’s a personal victory and the real work is about to begin. The Squadron Supreme reveals themselves to the world which draws the attention of the Uncanny Avengers. 

Writer James Robinson previously wrote the Fantastic Four which was average reading because he couldn’t do anything with the characters since Fox owned the movie rights. Now he really lets loose with the characters with the destruction of Atlantis and the death of Namor as well as an upcoming confrontation with the Uncanny Avengers. This series carries forth what has happened before prior to Secret Wars and pushes the Marvel Universe forward with the consequences. The series is reminiscent of the original Squadron Supreme mini-series where they wanted to create a utopia on Earth at all costs while the current one focuses on protecting their world at all costs.